We provide sound, music, and live entertainment solutions for your event.


Professional sound system setups so that everyone can hear the speeches (even grandma and grandpa.)


"We assist you in crafting custom playlists that perfectly align with your vision and preferences for your event."

Live Entertainment Solutions

Wide array of entertainment options to elevate your celebration. From dance floor lighting, DJs, and musicians, we ensure that your event becomes an unforgettable experience for all of your guests.

Here’s what we offer you…

  1. Professionalism: Reliable, punctual, and well-prepared DJs for your event! We will have all the necessary equipment, music, and backup plan in case of any issues.
  2. Experience: Whatever situations come up, we will make sure your event runs smoothly.
  3. Wide range of music: This is especially important if you have a mix of ages, cultures, and musical tastes at your event.
  4. Personalization: We play your music. Our DJs are not here to "educate" you and your guests on what we think y'alls ought to be listening to.
  5. Flexibility: Sometimes you need to make last-minute changes, we'll adapt.
  6. Entertainment: Your event will stay lively with our DJs keeping your guests engaged by playing music that gets people dancing.

“Our mission is to provide our clients with quality entertainment and music services that are personalized to your unique needs and preferences. We strive to create fun and unforgettable experiences for every event, while also maintaining professionalism and reliability. We are dedicated to bringing you joy and celebration to any occasion through the power of music.” 

Mahalo nui loa.

- TJ Ka'apuni 

(pronounced "Ka-ah-pooh-knee")

Business Owner/ DJ


Icicle Package

  • Available only for Wedding Receptions* or outdoor events under 150 guests. Select from a list of enhancements. Events can range from $1200- $2200

Enchantment Package

  • We're pulling out all of the stops for this one! This is the ultimate wedding package!